Thursday, August 20, 2009


Half day, 8:30 to noon, at the Census Bureau’s Suitland center. Metro arrives at the Suitland station at about 8:29. Fearful that I am late, I rush through security and scurry down the hall in the direction indicated. No need to worry; the first talk does not start until 9:15. The message is Census in Schools. OK, I’ve got it. What else is there to do until noon? Not much, it turns out, although Paul Reyes (whom I lined up as an AP Stat guest speaker after meeting him at NCTM in April) gives a high-energy, upbeat demo of Fast Facts and some of the other resources for educators. One of the earlier talks was a snoozer, but Paul truly loves his job, and it shows. The cloth goodie bag we all received is chock full of great stuff: two census data slide rules, a mug, a Statistical Abstract of the U.S. CD, a chip clip, a memo pad, and a huge (3 ft. by 4 ft.) double-sided map showing population density and other fun facts for the states. Plus, the goodie bag itself is a nice book bag for the fall. All in all, another great professional development outing, with an extremely high ROI for the approx. $6 Metro fare.

Back at home, I send e-mail to all 22 Running STArt invitees (and their parents) and finish up the Topic #3B video.

Today marks 23 years since I started my first full-time job in Washington (ANSER, 1986-1994). Doesn’t seem all that long ago, but another time span of the same length will make me . . . [redacted] years old. Uff-da.

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