Thursday, August 20, 2009


At 2:11 a.m., an e-mail from Swishsoft thanks me (for my purchase or for my patience?) and promises “quick free service” if I have any questions or suggestions in the future. I’m happy for now, and the much smaller file for Topic #2A (in color, still 96% compressed) looks good.

I finally get around to looking at all 12 of my raw video segments for the Topic #2B video (Not Using a Compass) and cataloguing the good points and bad points. My plan is to use 56 seconds in an unbroken take from file 1523, followed by 24 seconds from file 1522, then 19 seconds from file 1527, and finally 33 seconds from file 1530. These would be preceded and followed by about 5 seconds for the opening title and about 10 seconds for the end credits, giving a total running time of about 2.5 minutes. There is no formal script yet, but the sequence will be right thumb, right pinkie, right thumb faster, right pinkie much faster, left pinkie.

Also, I send an e-mail to Amanda responding to her request for 5-10 web pages that Anerian can rework as part of a demonstration project for September. Anerian is doing all this work pro bono! My submission includes 6 candidate pages: this blog [in its original HTML version], the video list, the Flight 93 Temporary Memorial photo essay, Mathcross puzzles, more Mathcross puzzles, and the launching pad for commercial algebra drills.

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