Thursday, August 20, 2009


E-mail from my mom: She really enjoyed the Simpson’s Paradox video but thought I should have used two names for my baseball example that were more easily differentiated than “Louie” and “Mooey.” Hmmm, I can clearly distinguish them on playback, even with my less-than-acute hearing, but of course she is quite a bit older. It’s a worthy suggestion, but I’m not planning to redo the video. Re-editing the entire Board 4 would be quite a pain at this point, and after the rewarding feeling of finally getting the video finished, I’m fairly sure I can’t deal with going back at this point for anything so relatively minor.

Later in the evening, I manage to set up two adjustable spring-arm lamps and overhead lighting in family room, followed by successfully recording about a minute and a half of usable video demonstrating proper use of a compass. There are three short actions, with no breaks between them: the paper rotation technique, the use of the handle (which failed, as expected), and a review of the paper rotation technique. The narration I am planning (but which I have not scripted yet) should fit nicely.

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