Thursday, August 20, 2009


Jeanne responds to my email by telling me that the St. Albans nameplate and shield logo have changed. No surprises there; she did warn me the change was coming. I manage to find the new graphics on the beta site, but there is a major problem: the uniform blue of our old site at has been replaced by a much more hip (but harder to copy-and-paste) gradient blue. I can see fun times ahead as I try to clean this up.
At 6:58 p.m., after several hours of slogging with Pbrush.exe and fiddling to find the approximate midpoint color of the gradient (which I have decided is RGB=0, 52, 100), I send my revised versions of the sample opening title, intertitle, and end credits to Jeanne. I am particularly proud of the placeholder names in the end credits: Flingwall Blingblatt, Jorge Hoohaw, and Splimspord Vringebot, not to mention Leonhard Euler and the Cactus Cantina in the acknowledgments.

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