Thursday, August 20, 2009


Aha! There is e-mail in my inbox first thing in the morning from Swishsoft. Unfortunately, the unnamed person in the unknown remote corner of the world who answered my e-mail at 4:07 a.m. has misunderstood my questions. I have an unlock key but no way to use it. At 10:38 a.m. EDT I send off another message, worded as tactfully as I can manage but probably still betraying some attitude.

While going to the grocery store shortly before noon, I check voice mail and discover a return call from Eltima. Sorry, the woman says, the Lite Edition is no longer available, but please look at the full version of Flash Optimizer for $99.95. Sorry, I think to myself, that ship has sailed, and hopefully I chose the better ship.

At day’s end, having received no work from Swishsoft, I call Digital River/RegNow and speak to a most helpful fellow named Thor. He says he will send an e-mail to Swishsoft and apply a little pressure. He copies me on the e-mail, and I must say, his wording is much more tactful than what I could produce. Very subtle pressure, nothing heavy-handed, very clear and professional.

A scant 2 hours later (wow!) I receive clear instructions from Swishsoft (no person, just the company again) with the critical download instructions that were missing the first time around. The only slight wrinkle is that the file is provided in RAR format instead of the ZIP version used for the trial version. Not a huge problem, mind you, but I’m wondering how many run-of-the-mill users would be up for all of this. I close the loop by sending e-mails to Swishsoft acknowledging that everything works now, as well as to Thor at RegNow (cc to Swishsoft) thanking him for his help and confirming that the situation is resolved.

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