Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yes, Jay, There Are Some DC-Area Educational Bloggers!

Jay Mathews, in his recent Washington Post article, used the headline "What's lacking in Washington? Educational bloggers." The headline has since been changed to something less ridiculous, something about the best educational bloggers in the area--in his opinion, of course. I think Mr. Mathews has had it explained to him that scads of us in the DC area are blogging on education. Of course, not everyone has sufficient "acidity and depth" (his words) to make the cut.

Well, OK, I may not have depth (small number of blog posts, no comments, almost no followers), but I have plenty of acidity! For example, take that! Oof! A body blow! The words are not mine, but they constitute a well-reasoned (if salty) argument proving that you, Jay Mathews, have plenty to answer for.

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